About MidCountry Media, Inc.

MidCountry Media, Inc. is a family-owned, privately-held publishing company that produces Farm World , AntiqueWeek , Auction Exchange and Collectors News and the AntiqueWeek Antique Guides. Wholly owned by Merry and Gary Thoe. The business offices and printing facilities are located in Knightstown, Indiana and employs about 80 people. Combined, the publications are circulated to more than 120,000 readers each week with a paid-subscriber base.

Farm World and AntiqueWeek were founded by Robert Thomas and Margaret Mayhill, owners of Mayhill Publications. Mayhill Publications was sold to dmg world media in 2000, who then added The Auction Exchange and Collectors News in 2004. The business was then sold again in September 2009 to Gary A. Thoe and Merry Mayhill Thoe and renamed MidCountry Media, Inc.

About the Owners

Gary Thoe served as President of Mayhill Publications from 1983-2001. From 2001-2010 Gary served as President of Emmis Publishing Company. Merry is the daughter of Robert Thomas and Margaret Mayhill and was active in the business throughout the Mayhill ownership.